The problem with e-waste

In Germany alone more than 1.8 mio tons of electronic waste per year are produced. Less than 50% is collected and recycled.

Thousands of tons of used or old electrical appliances are being shipped to developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. People and the environment suffer from improper disposal.

If you want to know more about e-waste: German Environment Agency

  Avoid e-waste - you can do that!

Sell or donate devices before they are too old

Constantly there are new electrical appliances with new functions. But that does not mean that the supposedly old devices would not fulfill their purpose. Many used electrical appliances can therefore sell very well - if they have not lain too long in the basement. For some devices, there are offers of professional buyers who overhaul the devices and usually resell with a guarantee. What proceeds you can achieve as a private seller, shows you our CYCEL the example of eBay.

Repair defective devices

Have defective devices repaired or repair the devices yourself.

If a repair is not possible: Defective devices can be sources of valuable spare parts. The individual parts can be used to process other devices. The used devices then work again like a new device, but are much cheaper.

No longer needed?

Is not repairing possible or is the device so old that nobody wants it anymore? The precious materials that make up the device can and must be recycled because their presence on our planet is limited. Anything that is no longer needed is then taken to special facilities via one of the many collection points, which reclaim the valuable raw materials.