Legal information and data retention

1. Contents and changes of Internet presence

Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH assumes noresponsibility for the currency, correctness of content, orcompleteness of the information provided on its Internet pages.Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH assumes no responsibilityfor damages, whether material or ideal, suffered by the user as aresult of use of the Internet offering of Consist ITU EnvironmentalSoftware GmbH. The sole exception to this is provably deliberate orgrossly negligent fault of Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH.Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH reserves the right tochange, extend, or delete its Internet presentation in whole or inpart without notice, or to close the publication temporarily orpermanently. All offers are free and unbinding.

2. Responsibility for the content of other Internet sites

Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH explicitly excludesall responsibility for the content of other Internet sites, insofaras they lie outside the area of responsibility of Consist ITUEnvironmental Software GmbH and it is technically impossible orunacceptable to prevent their use in case of illegal content.Illegal linked content are and were unknown to Consist ITUEnvironmental Software GmbH upon creation of its Internetpresentation. In the case that linked content is changed aftercreation of the link, Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbHhereby distances itself from that content, insofar that influenceby Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH on content and form isnot possible. For damages resulting from the use of other Internetcontent, the operators of the corresponding sites bear allresponsibility. This exclusion of responsibility applies to alllinks and references within our own Internet offering.

3. Copyright.

The presentation of the Internet presence of Consist ITUEnvironmental Software GmbH was created using owned andlicense-free image elements and text documents. When usingpublications of third parties, Consist ITU Environmental SoftwareGmbH warrants their copyright and ownership rights. The conditionsof applicable copyright and trademark law apply. This applies toall content of the Internet offering, insofar as it is subject totrademark, service mark, or copyright restrictions. Their use alonedoes not imply that marks are not protected by the rights of thirdparties! Copyright for objects created by Consist ITU EnvironmentalSoftware GmbH remains reserved. Copying, reproduction, or use inother electronic or printed publications without express writtenpermission is not allowed.

4. Severability clause

This exclusion of responsibility is part of the Internetoffering of Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH. Insofar asparts or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer, oronly partly correspond to applicable law, the remaining parts ofthe document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

Data retention

Responsible organization

The responsible party according to the German Federal DataProtection Act (BDSG) is Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH,Jakobikirchhof 8, D-20095 Hamburg, Germany,

Collection and use of personal information from users

Each access by a user to a page on the site and each retrieval of a file causes data to be stored automatically in a log file. This file includes the following data:

  • Information about the computer and its connection to the Internet, such as the type and version of the browser, operating system, and platform
  • The complete Uniform Resource Locator (URL) click stream
  • The Internet protocol address (IP address) that connects the user's computer to the Internet
  • The name of the page or file retrieved
  • The date and time of the retrieval
  • The quantity of data transmitted
  • A code specifying whether the retrieval was successful orled to an error

Contact forms

We collect and process personal data only if necessary forthe establishment and configuration or change of the legalrelationship (inventory data). The personal data from the contactform consists of the following information:

  • Last name*, first name, title
  • Company, position held
  • Street address, postal code
  • Phone number*, fax number, e-mail address*

The fields marked with * are the minimum datarequired to use the form. The data stored can be evaluated by theoperator of the website for statistical purposes or to preventabuse. It will not be disclosed to third parties. Client-relateduser profiles are not stored. You can forbid the use of your datafor purposes of advertising or market and opinion research byConsist ITU Environmental Software GmbH at any time.